ZY901 Receipt Thermal  Printer

Customer satisfaction is important in businesses and it significantly improves by using thermal printers. Efficiency is another advantage of the ZY901 thermal receipt printer because it ensures good quality printouts. Labels are more legible and provide a lasting output for it eliminates smudges which is evident for printed inks that may fade easily over time. Also, thermal printing has shown that it can be weather resistant to it can last a long time even with extreme temperatures.Another feature of the thermal printer which makes them advantageous is mobility. They are lightweight and are easy to carry around and bring the thermal printer to different locations. They do not consume a lot of space at home or in the office and the good thing about them is that they are easy to use and operate.

Dimensions  184(D)x143(W)x148(H)mm
Weight  2.54kg
Features  – Long lasting auto-cutter up to 1.5million cuts
– Fast printing of text and images
– Friendly utilities, virtual USB or USB hid setting by utilities