Customers Testimonial


TDK FreshMart

Horray! Thank you, TDK Fresh Mart, for choosing our Alaya Cloud POS System. Ms. Hui mentioned that Alaya Cloud POS was a great and portable software that could manage your business whether you were on vacation, working, or even travelling internationally. You can easily drag out any sales and inventory report that you need on the backend system, which is a crucial tool for all business owners.


Maxvalue Store Sdn Bhd

Managing our 30 outlets with IRS Software for 8 years is really a magnificent experience! Moreover, the accurate Reports right at my fingertips helps me in the decision making and analysis for better management of my business – Terry Lim (Director)

Kedai Bless

Ms. Sarah Voon, a Kedai Bless board member, provided us excellent feedback after utilizing our IRS POS System. Inventory management solutions offer far more to assist a company’s operations function smoothly and effectively than a basic cash register ever could. IRS software is also capable of providing excellent help via remote troubleshooting.

Meiko Cosmetic

Meiko Cosmetics’ creator, Ms. Mary, uses the IRS POS System to efficiently run her company. The IRS POS System can supervise and handle more than 1,000 items in inventory, reducing their job greatly. Second, IRS Software often delivers feature improvements that are ideal for keeping up with industry needs and developments.


In-term of benefits, Mr.Jou glad that having IRS Software to systemize his system with our IRS POS System for HQ and his multiple branches. He can easily check out the stock inventory, pricing, suppliers, and even customer purchased history anytime anywhere, this is convenient for him as this is not easy to manage 14 outlet including outstation area.

HLS Hardware

It’s been 7 years since Mr. Andrew-Managing Director of HLS Hardware Sdn Bhd implemented the IRS POS System when the government introduced GST. What makes Mr. Andrew satisfied with the IRS POS system is the multi-store linking, sales and inventory reporting. It is truly a very convenient platform for retail business owners when they need to manage more than 1,000+ items in their store. Not only is he able to access all the reports from the store but also monitor the store by using mobile reports, which can be accessed remotely from other places.

Damage Phone Repair KL

D&B Digital Sdn Bhd Ms.Wawa very satisfied with our POS features that totally set free from inventory management problem, and they can easily trace supplier and customer record in the system no matter on cash payment, online payment or purchase record, which save them a lot of time.

East Coast Batik Sdn Bhd

Mr.Chong mentioned that our IRS POS System was good enough to control stock and pricing, which very stable and accurate compared with other brands. Meanwhile, after-sales service is another strong highlight point that impressed Mr.Chong all the while, fast and efficient.

88 Pets Mart

Ms Nicole was satisfied after changing the older pos system to IRS software which more complete and comply with the current market trend, especially the membership management system, which is very useful to manage their customer and promotion program.

EZ Bake Bakery Shop

Initially, Ms. Harjeet, one of the founders of EZ Bake, did all the inventory and sales reports manually, which consumed a lot of time and even required her to double check all the sales and stock figures to avoid miscalculation. But after using IRS Software, all problems are solved, dramatically reducing the working time. This really fits our slogan “ease your business, ease your life”. We are glad that we meet our company’s mission and this is considered a good step to move our business “to be the world’s number 1 retail software solution.”

U Pharma

Thank you, Mr. Chan and Ms. Elena (Pharmacist of U Pharma) for choosing our IRS POS System to manage their medication, supplements and medical products.

Even though their unit of measurement product is complicated but by using our POS system, they can easily look through all the stock details and movement with just a blink of eyes, very user-friendly and easy to use.

MC Classic Sdn Bhd

Thank you, Mr Shawn (Branch Manager of MCC) trusted us that our IRS POS System was able to help them out when they’re expanding their business through nationwide with our Multi-Store function.

Kooi Lim Pet Kingdom

Mr. Alex – Director of Kooi Lim Pet Kingdom – applied the IRS POS system for my business, and we’re glad that our problems solve by linking our inventory system between HQ and outlets with our Multi-Store system.


Ms. Juliana – Sales Manager of Pumponthego – We’re using IRS Software from the first shop since the year of 2012, the reason why we insists on using IRS software throughout all these years is that the system helps us to systemize all the products and generate monthly reports for all the branches by simply login into a muti-store system report.


Aniq Akhmal Bin Abu Naip – The Owner of Amycatz highly recommended get in love with our “Mobile Report” as he can access anytime anywhere into different branches to check daily sales, stock inventory and price list with just a finger tap, and the magic happened!

Fooh Beng Health Care Sdn Bhd

Fooh Beng Health Care Sdn Bhd Ms. Lily feel grateful to IRS support, whenever they faced a problem, IRS support team manage to solve it in a short period of time. Secondly, the membership program does help them to retain customer loyalty. Thirdly customers can always retrieve back the purchase records and our system does trigger an alarm when the specific items in low stock condition.

Jazco SpeedMart

Thank you, Mr Richard and other top management members for choosing our IRS POS System to manage their daily in/out stock for HQ and branches, it helps them save a lot of time.

Yee Button Sdn Bhd

Thank you Mr. Yee (founder of Yee Button Sdn Bhd) and Ms. Yee for using our IRS Software decade ago. Say no to hand-written receipts and invoices and say hello to the digital POS system,  digitalize your stock and price list in the IRS POS system make our job became easier than before! And of course, everything able to view online!

Wing Heong Food Industries Sdn Bhd

Mr Jason Yap, CEO of Wing Heong Food Industries Sdn Bhd highly recommend to all SME companies to give it a try as our IRS POS system able to help them keep track on the daily sales and stock level for all the branches with our multistore module. Apart from this, Mr Jason gives a thumbs up for our customer service team as our team able to solve every problem facing by Mr Jason and never get disappointed from the service through all these years.

Dexin Hardware Sdn Bhd

Dexin Hardware Sdn Bhd Ms. Sharon strongly recommend the business owner to use IRS Point of Sale (POS) System, especially in hardware industries as the shop need to record more than thousand of items, pricing and even need to keep track on daily sales and inventory records.

Onward Hardware Trading

Onward Hardware Trading give us a superb positive comment about our IRS Point of Sale (POS) System, the business owner Mr. James mentioned that he can easily track down the stock quantity inside the hardware shop in few seconds, it’s stable, save time, and even save cost as he no need to hire a lot of manpower to run the business, most importantly customer can easily know the price and stock availability before out of patient.

Giat Solutions Sdn Bhd

We feel grateful and gratitude to Mr Pulak for supporting us since 16 years ago. As a conclusion, our POS system honoured received the word of “Stable”, “User-Friendly” and “Easy To Use” from Mr Pulak and we promise will intensify our software even greater to ease your business ease your life.

Orchid Blossom Sdn Bhd

Ms Elaine from Orchid Blossom feeling exceptional to use our IRS POS (Point of Sale) System through these years, the POS (Point of Sale) system very easy to extract reports from 10 outlets with just a few simple steps, and I can know in term of sales figures, it helps us to determine what is the best move in next decision. Secondly, promotion helps us to increase traffic for all of our outlets, such as purchase with purchase, bundles sales or mix and match.

Whisk Ingredients Sdn Bhd

Whisk Ingredients gives a thumbs up for report generator system because they do not experience any problem to generate any report they needed so far as our system was stable enough to carry on all the database from year to year that compatible with the multi-store system.

SS2U Wedding

Impress with IRS POS Multi-Store’s and alarm indicator features when the stock level is low, convenient and easy to use.

One Doc Medical Group Sdn Bhd

One Doc gives a thumbs up for report generator system and stock management system that allowed them to keep track of the stock level but most importantly is One Doc feel secure and reliable for their daily operations because our Point of Sale (POS) system was certified with Kastam Certificate and compliance with GST rules and regulations that always updated by IRS Software Sdn Bhd.


BeeQnails say “YES” to IRS Point of Sale (POS) System after they try few different brands of POS System in the market, IRS Point of Sale (POS) System was user-friendly, easy to operate, and most importantly reporting feature, it helps us to make decision more accurately within a short time period.

East Ocean Gem & Jewerly

IRS is simply amazing! Love that the Sales & Inventory can be tracked on a mobile phone with an internet access, as at any given time, I can see exactly what’s happening in my business.

L.S. Music Sdn Bhd (Yamaha)

IRS is unbelievably streamlined, hassle-free and with professional user training, ease our music management business.

Y&E Biker’s World (M) S/B

IRS is absolutely stunning, incredibly easy to use and to understand! We are planning to expand our Motorcycle Parts & Accessories business globally through online marketing.

The Transformation of small retailer shops (TUKAR) – Kim Kee Mini Mart

IRS Software Sdn Bhd has implement more than 100 TUKAR project (Transformation of small retailer shops), which aims to modernize traditional mini market to assist them increase the level of competitiveness.


Lieong Kee Bae Good Teh

IRS F&B is easy, smart and complete POS for the F&B industry! Placing an order with one simple click and automatic calculation gives flexibility in the daily operation of my food business.

Rebound 76

Ms Cheah, the person in charge of Rebound 76 Food and Drink Sdn. Bhd. is satisfied with the features and performance provided by IRS F&B POS System. First, IRS POS System is very user-friendly and easy to learn, hands-on twice you will know how to operate it. Second, you can now trace worker attendance by POS System without the need to purchase costly punch card machine and card (need to repeat order). Third, Ms Cheah mentioned that the food menu selection is quite flexible to set along with promotions features like happy hour or add-on new dishes into the system.

Molten Chocolate Cafe

Mr. Jack from Business Development Department give us a thumbs up on our efficient service, solve case on time and the system always to up date based on Malaysia regulations. Secondly, IRS POS System gave business owner a very high flexibility in term of changing menu, promotion, table plan, price level and more!

Super Rabbit Cafe

Muhammad Sahirin – the founder of Super Rabbit Cafe, highly recommends IRS POS System to be your first choice to manage your business because it’s very user-friendly. Second thing, IRS POS System can record down all the transactions and generate a clear report daily, weekly or even monthly.

Auntie Lora Kopitiam

Auntie Lora Kopitiam, the business owner Mr. Howard have used IRS F&B POS system for more than five years, fall in love at first sight with IRS software because the interface was user-friendly, concise, elegance, unique and unparalleled in the market.


From German to Mediterranean, there’s much sumptuousness going on in Souliquid! A hidden gem of restaurant cum bar, Souliquid is tucked away in Puchong Financial Corporate Centre (PFCC). Thank you, Mr. Bobby (Outlet Manager of Souliquid) for choosing our IRS POS System to manage their stock, staff attendance, reports, table plan and more!

Chef Ben Diners Sdn Bhd

We feel gratitude to interview with the Chef Ben Diners supervisor Ms.Sharifah on that day, as Ms Sharifah mentioned, the system makes them communicate more smoothly without any conflict or misunderstanding. Secondly, reports make them act and execute a decision faster and accurate as the pos system can help the owner to know which dishes were the best-selling product, always possible to maintain the inventory level, staff clocking system and more!

Woshuku – Pro Healthy Food Sdn Bhd

The F&B POS (Point of Sale) System comes in handy in peak hours, we can shorten our workflow in a faster and efficient way. Secondly, it helps us to obtain the report of our products, stock level and sales figure with just a few taps on the screen, very user-friendly.

Eaindra Network (M) Sdn Bhd

Eaindra Network was impressed with our IRS Software in term of stock keeping features, multi-store system, reporting system, and ultimately in term of support that can manage their business effectively.