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The Era of New Retail Solution

Cloud Point of Sale (POS) System – Alaya is a cloud-based pos system that is uniquely formed for all retail stores. Alaya Cloud POS is able to record every sale and purchase transaction in real-time.

If the internet is cut-off, all transactions are automatically synced to the cloud server once you are back online. Ultimately all the data can be filtered and analyzed with our intelligent Alaya Dashboard.

Having many companies with different Shopee, Lazada, WooCommerce and Shopify seller accounts?
How do you manage all the sales invoices and stock levels by different company names or outlets?
This is very time-consuming and you may mess up with all the transactions and orders from offline and online stores, but we have the best solution for you.

Compatible with E-Invoicing

Alaya E-Invoice POS System is not just an administrative update; it’s a pivotal moment for businesses in Malaysia to embrace digital transformation. Transitioning to e-invoices isn’t just about keeping up with the times; it’s about staying compliant with the latest regulations. With our IRS Alaya Cloud POS system, you can ensure that your invoicing process aligns perfectly with the requirements set by the Malaysian government.

To ensure a seamless transition, the implementation of E-Invoicing will be conducted in phases, with specific dates targeted for different tiers of taxpayers:

✅ August 1, 2024: Rollout begins for taxpayers with an annual turnover or revenue exceeding RM100 million.

✅ January 1, 2025: Implementation extends to businesses with an annual turnover or revenue ranging from more than RM25 million up to RM100 million.

✅ July 1, 2025: E-Invoicing becomes applicable to all taxpayers, marking a comprehensive integration.


E-Hub Link to E-Marketplace

Alaya E-Hub allows the business owner to run the entire order fulfilment process from offline to online, or online to the offline, we call it as a new retail solution, o2o strategies. 

Our Cloud POS system is ready to unite with e-commerce website and e-seller platforms such as Lazada, Shoppe,  or even hottest e-commerce website like WooCommerce and Shopify from the aspects of managing stock level, price control, warehouse control and logistic.

But in order to integrate different e-marketplace platform, you must have sign-up Sitegiant e-commerce service (our business partner).

All the order get from e-marketplace will direct sync back to Alaya backend by auto generate invoice and deduct stock quantity from our system, this will dramatically reduce your workload if you got a lot of order from different branches.

Cloud POS Warehouse Inventory System

Warehouse Inventory System

Alaya Inventory and Warehouse Management System is our primary unique feature that can help you to automate various processes, reduce manual work and hasten your logistic working process. It is a highly effective software that every business owners dream of and offers robust functionality for wholesalers and distributors by providing them with advanced functions in sales, purchase and inventory modules to assist you in maximizing worker productivity and meet your unique business needs.

Our warehouse inventory will be able to record all the stock data and share it with all your branches in real-time which significantly reduce the work-flow process, customer patience is limited, this will directly reflect your customer satisfaction level and reduce worker burden in the long-term business run.

Cloud POS Accounting Software

Cloud Accounting Software

Alaya Cloud Accounting Software gives people the ability to obtain reports and work from any location with an Internet connection. There is no need to install accounting software on your computer or server. You can easily access it on your web browser on your pc, laptop or even your smartphone.

Our accounting software provides features such as company incorporation, secretary, bookkeeping, accounting, tax compliance, audit reports, Business Intelligent Dashboard, track expenses by a different department or different project, trace documentation with  flow chart, creating an invoice, multi-currency and more.

You can also customize the report template by selecting data column based on your corporate requirement.

You able to save it in different type of format and send it to your colleague or management level for further arrangement.

Open API

Alaya Open API are now available to all Merchant and Business Owner out there!

We’re thrilled to share that our Alaya Cloud Retail is now fully equipped to link seamlessly with any third-party software! Specifically, we’ve enhanced integration capabilities for critical sales modules such as item balances list, item master list, cash sales, invoice, and sales return.

✅ Effortless Sync: Connect your Alaya Cloud Retail POS with external tools effortlessly for a smooth and streamlined retail operation.

✅ Comprehensive Data: Seamlessly integrate item balances, master lists, and sales data for a complete overview of your business.

✅ Tailored Solutions: We understand your unique needs. For other module integrations, we welcome your requests! Let’s work together to make it happen.


WhatsApp and Email Blaster

With our new update Alaya Cloud POS WhatsApp and Email Blaster, you can effortlessly engage with your customers like never before!

Send personalized messages, promotions, and updates directly to your customers through WhatsApp and Email Blast. Build strong relationships, enhance customer retention, and boost repeat sales – all from one centralized platform!

1️⃣ Enhanced Customer Retention: Stay top-of-mind by reaching your customers where they are – on their phones and in their inboxes.

2️⃣ Increase Repeat Sales: Drive customer loyalty by sharing exclusive promotions, discounts, and product updates directly with your audience.

3️⃣ Time-Saving Automation: Our user-friendly interface allows you to schedule messages in advance, saving you time and effort while maintaining consistent communication.


Alaya Membership App

Introducing the Alaya Membership App: Your Gateway to Seamless Customer Engagement!

✅ Set up personalized notifications, loyalty programs, and online shopping options. Watch your business thrive with enhanced customer engagement! Meanwhile customer able to choosing between self-pickup or convenient courier delivery.

✅ Check Point Balances: Allow your customers to track and redeem their loyalty points effortlessly. 

✅ Purchase History Access: Enable your customers to revisit their purchase history, making reordering a breeze. 

✅ Diverse Payment Options: Our system supports popular payment methods in Malaysia, including various e-wallets and credit cards. 

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