What can a POS system do?

What can a POS system do?

POS system is known as the Point of Sale system, is highly demanded by any retailer or F&B industries nowadays.

The Point of Sale (POS) system main function is to assist cashier input the ordered products or services, meanwhile, all the data will directly transfer into the server to expand your business operational flexibility and capability.

Point of Sale (POS) system became one of the complex software today because we’re all living in a fast-paced life of modern society. Only by providing varied and unique features can be survive in this cut-throat competition.

So what can a Point of Sale (POS) system do in your daily working life? Let me list down some important features that “MUST” be applied in retail and F&B industries. These included:

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Retail POS System

  • Sales Transaction Report
  • Inventory Management System
  • Stock Counting System
  • Vendor Ordering
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Reporting Modules
  • Purchase Order
  • Stock Transferring
  • Quotation
  • Bar-code Generator
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Appointment/Booking System
  • Stock Aging Report
  • Commission Scheme
  • Matrix Item
  • Staffs Attendance
  • Promotion Settings
  • Multi-Store System

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F&B POS System

  • Table Management System
  • Split Bill Function
  • Kitchen Ordering System
  • Mobile/IPad Ordering System
  • Table Transfer
  • Condiment
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Inventory Management System
  • Vendor Ordering
  • Multi Store System

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All the above would be good tips for start-up company because we may miss out some significant elements while developing our business model and that’s why you’re here to read this article.

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