POS System and Ecommerce Integration

POS System and Ecommerce Integration

We believe that during Covid-19 period, many of the retailers outside was suffering due to MCO restrictions and we can see a lot of bankruptcy shop that hanging banner “SELL/RENT’ property on their shop lot that majority located at Selangor and Kuala Lumpur area.

Therefore the consumer behavior is speedy transform and shifted to the online purchase platform to get more sales and solve the cash-flow problem. So the reason that we write this article is to let retailers know how important that POS System can link with an e-commerce website or even marketplace.

Top 5 benefits when you link your pos system to the e-commerce platform:


No More Manual Data Entry


Did I mention no more manual data entry? Yes, you’re right, when you link your POS system to the e-commerce platform and running your business, you will no need to worry about issuing a bunch of invoices because when the POS system received the order, it will automatically generate an invoice for you, the only things that you need to do is print out the invoice and stick on your packaging!

Real-Time Inventory Management System


By linking all the platform will make your stock check much easier because the stock quantity will automatically get deducted based on the order through your retail shop or e-commerce platform. Easily keep track of stock levels and you just need to determine your optimal inventory levels upfront.

Report Analysis


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Data is a very important element to analyse your business, by using an advance and one-stop-solution platform will determine how deep your report format are. You will know the top-selling product of the month, margin comparison, or even a report based on different branches by the different salesperson and more!

Customer Relationship Management System


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CRM is a vital tool to earn customer loyalty in the long-term business run. Break your customer into different segmentation will help you increase your closing rate and cater specific promotion campaign for a specific group of people based on what they purchased, membership status, location and more!

Key-in in one location and all will sync with each platform


Alaya Cloud POS

The most headache part of doing online business was to key-in thousand of products into a different platform, such as Lazada, Shopee, your eCommerce website or more, but by linking the POS system and eCommerce platform, you only need to key in your product title, photos, price and description in one master platform and the system will automatically sync to all your eCommerce or marketplace platform in real-time.

If you’re interested to link your POS System with eCommerce system, you may check out our new product! Online and Offline selling Platform – Alaya

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