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Customers Testimonial


GST Worry Free in English, BM and Cantonese Version

IRS Software approved by customs can help you organize, manage inventories and most importantly calculate GST!


Lieong Kee Bae Good Teh

IRS F&B is easy, smart and complete POS for the F&B industry! Placing an order with one simple click and automatic calculation gives flexibility in the daily operation of my food business.



Maxvalue Store Sdn Bhd

Managing our 30 outlets with IRS Software for 3 years is really a magnificent experience!
Moreover, the accurate Reports right at my fingertips helps me in the decision making and analysis for better management of my business.

SS2U Wedding

Impress with IRS POS Multi-Store’s and alarm indicator features when the stock level is low, convenient and easy to use.

East Ocean Gem & Jewerly

IRS is simply amazing! Love that the Sales & Inventory can be tracked on a mobile phone with an internet access, as at any given time, I can see exactly what’s happening in my business.

L.S. Music Sdn Bhd (Yamaha)

IRS is unbelievably streamlined, hassle-free and with professional user training, ease our music management business.

Y&E Biker’s World (M) S/B

IRS is absolutely stunning, incredibly easy to use and to understand! We are planning to expand our Motorcycle Parts & Accessories business globally through online marketing.

Bake with Yen

IRS POS Multi-Store Management’s complete with outstanding features is definitely a great help in our baking business.

The Transformation of small retailer shops (TUKAR) – Kim Kee Mini Mart

IRS Software Sdn Bhd has implement more than 100 TUKAR project (Transformation of small retailer shops), which aims to modernize traditional mini market to assist them increase the level of competitiveness.