Multi-Store Software

IRS Multistore System is a program that permits branches to send their transactions (sales, customers, inventory, vendor data & etc) to Head Office for consolidation. IRS Multi-Store uses the internet for communication, making it inexpensive to operate. All branches’ data will be transmitted to head office every minute for consolidating. (it mean the user can view almost real-time report for all branches.)

Software TypeMulti-Store Headquarters
Multi-Store Branches
Business TypeCompany have multi brunches in local or oversea
Mandarin 华语
Bahasa Malaysia
Stock CreationPermits Head Office centralized stock Creation and bar codes. (it mean stock information can be duplicated to another shops.)
PromotionPermits Head Office to maintain the Promotion Centrally and duplicate it to another shop.
Stock LookupAllow Head Office / Branches to view every shop’s stock on hand and the stock need to be ordered.
CustomerParticulars can be duplicated in another shop. (it means customer’s particulars is identical.)
VendorParticulars can be duplicated in another shop. (it means vendor’s particulars is identical.)
Consolidate ReportOver a user-defined period, Head office can view how shops are performing in terms of sales, gross profit, number of sales over any period, inventory status & etc. The reports can be broken down by shops & by-product.
Stock TransferHead office & branches able to transfer stock to others branches.
MobileAble to view consolidate report for sales & inventory status via handphone.
Distributed ConceptAll branches data are stored at branch & head office computer, therefore no impact to others if one of the branch systems is down.
Bill to BranchAble to bill certain branches during stock transfer. (Example: Branch Own by different person)
Hardware RequirementWindows XP SP3, Windows 7 (32bits)
2GB RAM, Dual Core Processor