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Maintaining Company Currency Rate

Setting – Currency – Company – Company Currency Rate

  1. In our system, the user(s) have the flexibility to define the Currency Rate based on respective Effective Date.
  2. This currency exchange rate is customized by company individually.
  3. User(s) can select a specific company after that define the respective Effective Date, Buy Rate and Sell Rate for certain currency.

To define Currency Rate in a specific company

  1. 1.  Choose Settings > Currency.
  2. 2. Select a Company.
  3. 3. Click Company Currency Rate button on specific currency, and then it will lead you to company currency details page.
  4. 4. Click Add button. Fill in Effective Date, Buy Rate, and Sell Rate.
  5. 5. Click Save.
  6. 6. The currency will not be highlighted red anymore when the data is complete.

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