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Screen Configuration

Defining User

  1. Screen Configuration is a special function to let the user(s) have the flexibility to customize their own Header, Field, Text Box or Description etc. into different colors and functionalities.
  2. For example, User(s) wish to customize the default “Reference No.” column field into Blue Color and show the field text description as “Cheque no”.

To Add New Screen Configuration

  1. 1. Choose Setting > Staff > Screen Configuration.
  2. 2. Choose By: Default.
  3. 3. Select the specific page that you wish to add new Screen Configuration.
  4. 4. Click Edit.
  5. 5. Configure the relevant field information.
  6. 6. The table below explains the function for every field required in Screen Configuration.
  7. 7. Click Save.

Select Page

Edit Field

Quick Set – Access Action

  1. Quick Set – Access Action feature allows to select and apply permission rights for all functions for a particular user group.
  2. Selecting this feature saves time as users need not go to each function and check the permission rights.

To Add Quick Set of User Group

  1. 1. Choose Staff > User Group.
  2. 2. Click Add.
  3. 3. Check on Access Action.
  4. 4. Click Apply.

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