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Defining Vendor Group

Introduction and Flow

  1. A vendor group is simply the set of vendors you do business with.
  2. Vendor groups allow companies to share vendors in the same Vendor Group. Hence, a recreation of each vendor record is not required for every company.

To Add Vendor Group

  1. 1. Choose Account Payable > Associated Vendor Group.
  2. 2. Click Add / Edit.
  3. 3. Enter Code, Description, Account Range From, Account Range To and Check on (Yellow field and * is Mandatory)
  4. 4. Click Save.

To Delete Vendor Group

Account Payable > Vendor Category

  1. Vendor Category allows user(s) to categorize vendors that share common characteristics or business category.
  2. User(s) must assign a vendor to a vendor category.
  3. Each vendor can belong to only one vendor category.
  4. They are used for reporting and payment processing.

To Add Vendor Category

  1. 1. Choose Account Payable > Vendor Category.
  2. 2. Click Add / Edit.
  3. 3. Enter/ Edit Code, Description.
  4. 4. Click Save.

To Delete Vendor Category

Account Payable > Vendor (Add Vendor)

  1. Vendor data describes the people and organizations from which your company buys products and services.
  2. Vendor master data records are used to create documents related to purchasing and accepting delivery of goods and services and processing payments to the vendor.

To Add Vendor

  1. 1. Choose Account Payable > Vendor.
  2. 2. Listing of Existing Vendor.
  3. 3. Select Company.
  4. 4. Click Add / Edit.
  5. 5. Enter / Edit Vendor Details.

Add / Edit Vendor

Delete Vendor

Enter / Edit Vendor Details

General Tab

  1. Vendor General Information (e.g.: Vendor Category, Attention, Phone 1, Phone 2, Fax 1, Fax 2, Email, etc.)

Address Tab

  1. Vendor Company Address.

Accounting Tab

  1. Aging on: Select Based on Document Date, Due Date or Posting Date when preview aging report.
  2. Credit Limit; Controlling Vendor Credit Limit.
  3. GST Number: Vendor Company GST Number.
  4. Tax Exemption No: Vendor Company Tax Exemption No.

Associated Company Tab

  1. Maintaining Company Control Account No for General ledger Posting, Payment Mode, Payment Term, Currency, Tax Code and Outstanding Amount.

Bank Tab

  1. Vendor Bank Information.

Branch Tab

  1. Vendor Branch Information.

Contact Tab

  1. Vendor Contact Information.

Remarks Tab

  1. Addition Information of this vendor.

Attachment Tab

  1. Attach Important Files (e.g.: SSM Form)

Other Tab

  1. Customer No: Select Customer No (for Contra purpose)
  2. NRIC: Identify Card Number
  3. DOB: Date of Birth
  4. Gender: Male or Female
  5. Race: (e.g: Chinese, Malay, Indian)
  6. Religion (e.g.: Buddha, Hindu, Islam)
  7. Photo: Vendor Photo
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