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Configuring Payment Mode

Setting – Payment Mode – Payment Mode Category

  1. A customer can choose a Payment Mode based on your company’s list of preferred payment methods.
  2. Payment Mode Category is to segregate various payment methods into different categories.
  3. Typical payment methods used in a modern business context include cash, cheque, online banking, credit or debit cards etc.

To Add / Edit / Delete Payment Mode Category

  1. 1. Choose Settings > Payment Mode > Payment Mode Category.
  2. 2. To Add new Payment Mode Category, click Add button.
  3. 3. Enter Code and Description.
  4. 4. To Edit payment Mode Category, click Edit button to do further amendment.
  5. 5. To Delete Payment Mode Category, Click Delete button.
  6. 6. Select Yes or No.
  7. 7. Click Save.

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