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Configuring Currency

Setting – Currency – Currency Master

  1. Currency is the monetary unit used when recording transactions within the financial books of a company or business.
  2. Currency Master is a template to maintain the currency data for all
  3. In Currency Master, you can enter all the currencies that your company is having transactions with.
  4. Currencies that entered here will, later on, appear as an option for the other company’s business currency.

To Add / Edit Currency in Currency Master

1. Choose Settings > Currency > Currency Master.
2. Click Add or Edit.
3. Click Add button to add new Currency.
4. Enter Currency Code, Description and Symbol (yellow field is mandatory).
5. Click Edit button to do further amendment.
6. Click Save.
Note: On the other hand, the user(s) have the flexibility to delete the unused Currency.

To Delete Currency in Currency Master

1. Choose Settings > Currency Master.
2. Click Delete.
3. Select Yes or No.

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